Big Sale all Product !!! This Week !!!
Big Sale all Product !!! This Week !!!


I was in your orange yesterday after work for an in store pickup. I've done this a hundred times before but yesterday was an absolute perfect experience. Your team was professional and courteous and got my order promptly. The manager at the service desk was very friendly and helpful. The entire team at the service desk was friendly and helpful while I was waiting for my order. It was definitely the best in store pickup experience I've had at any retail store. Your team is the reason I keep coming back. I hope this message reaches someone so these employees get recognition they deserve for a job well done and making my experience perfect.


I had a good experience with customer service at a local and was told I would be emailed a survey to give feedback on the store location and the two employees who had helped me, however I never recieved the email that would provide me the link to the survey. I just wanted to take five minutes of my time to give them the appreciation they deserved. It really helped me and out of almost all of the local stores this location was willing to help me with my customer service whereas other locations stonewalled me with my request. Thank you. 


I would like to give staff a compliment when I guarantee a 6-month warranty and get a new product quickly. Will continue to buy. Thanks very much